When should I tell someone about my Ostomy

When should I tell someone about my Ostomy

So, how do I tell someone about my ostomy?

If you’re worried about how to tell someone about your ostomy, this post is for you. Read it till the end and confidently face others who question your condition.

 Easy Ways To Tell People About Your Ostomy

There are several ways of telling others about your ostomy. Firstly, you should remember that if someone doesn't accept that you have a different lifestyle due to ostomy, thats on them not you. If someone really loves you, he/she won't really care how you tell them. Just be upfront and let them know how it is. 

However, here are some ways to tell others about your ostomy.

You can create a few lines as a universal script to repeat in different scenarios. If someone asks why you don’t eat certain foods or need certain accommodations tell them that you have an external stomach bag attached since a part of your digestive or urinary tract was removed due to a serious problem. If you don’t want to answer any of the asked questions, simply tell them that you’re not comfortable answering that question. 


You don't have to tell everyone you meet. If you just meet someone there’s no need to disclose your situation. The only people who need to know are the people who you want to know. 


Explain to people interested in knowing more. If you are taking someone out for dinner and they ask why you avoid eating certain foods, repeat the scripted sentence. Also mention that you are OK with it because it has made your lifestyle much better. If someone is interested to know more, you can carry on answering the questions about your ostomy. But if anyone doesn’t show interest, there’s no need to explain more. 


Inform security authorities before checking. If you plan to travel by air, bus or train, make sure to inform security authorities before screening that you have an ostomy since there’s a risk of potential damage.


Tell your partner before getting intimate. Having a stoma doesn’t stop you from getting intimate. It is better to talk to your partner before getting intimate. Be confident and tell him/her about your condition. You should empty your pouch before hand and use a fabric pouch cover to hide the contents.  

Final Thoughts 

Don’t get scared or shy of telling others about it if you have an ostomy. Stay confident and share where it is necessary. You’ll find a majority of people who respect your feelings. Some may ask more queries in curiosity; it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about your feelings; they are just curious. However, avoid answering such people who make stupid questions you don't owe them a damn thing!