Can i travel with an Ostomy?

Can i travel with an Ostomy?

Have you recently got colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy? Are you worried that living with an ostomy can restrict your travel plans? If so, we have good news for you. Living with an ostomy can’t prevent you from traveling. Only, you have to make some extra preparations to enjoy your journey and feel secure and comfortable. 


Can I travel with an ostomy? Yes, you can travel with an ostomy. Just carry all your ostomy supplies in hand-carry during air, train, bus, or car travel. If you are traveling for more extended periods, besides packing ostomy supplies in your baggage, consider purchasing the items from distributors at your travel place. Ostomy belts and stoma guards can provide additional security while participating in sports. 

Can You Go On A Holiday With A Stoma?

Yes, you can go on a holiday with a stoma. You have to consider a few special considerations before going on a holiday.


  • Prepare the list of ostomy supplies you may require during travel, depending on the time of your stay.


  • Before air travel, confirm the hand luggage allowances.


  • Make sure to carry all ostomy items in your hand luggage. 


  • In case of traveling for an extended period, contact the ostomy product distributors at your destination and purchase your items.


  • If you want to enjoy swimming, use small stoma caps.


  • Dry your pouch quickly after water activities to prevent a rash.


  • Keep your ET-recommended anti-fungal powder with you since there’s a possible risk of yeast rashes under the flange due to heat and moisture.  


  • If you have planned an exciting beach holiday on a sunny day, use cloth pouch covers for absorbing sweat and preventing skin irritation. 


  • If you want to participate in sports, use a stoma guard and ostomy belt for additional security. 


  • For emptying your appliance during a holiday, use closed-end pouches and discard them in ziplock bags in the toilet garbage. It is safe and hygienic than sitting on a toilet for draining.


  • Use drinkable water if you use irrigation to manage your stoma. 


  • Stay hydrated and use anti-diarrheal agents recommended by your ET in case of diarrhea. 



Can You Fly On An Airplane With An Ostomy Bag?

Yes, you can travel in an airplane with an ostomy bag. Before you enter the screening area, make sure to inform the TSA officer about your ostomy pouch because you’ll be more likely to damage the tubes or suffer discomfort in case of a pat-down screening or metal detector screening.


Before traveling, you should be aware of hand luggage allowance fluctuations in chartered and regular carrier flights. Plus, make sure to keep your crucial ostomy supplies in a hand carry. Since sharp objects like scissors are not allowed in hand carry, consider pre-cutting some flanges before the flight. However, you can place extra appliances and scissors in your stowed luggage. 


Make sure to empty the appliance before boarding. You can suffer from increased gas pressure in the pouch during air travel. In addition, using chewing gum or candy to prevent plugged ears can also increase the air pressure in the bag. Don’t use bear or carbonated drinks before and during flight to avoid pressure build-up.  


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you see that having an ostomy doesn’t restrict you from traveling and enjoying the holidays. You can travel with an ostomy if you take care of the points mentioned in the post. Make sure to consult your ET or family doctor about travel conditions with an ostomy. In case of an emergency, seek medical health as soon as possible.